Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device, Ltd.

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Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device, Ltd.

A Message from the President

Yamazaki, Tatsuo, CEO: image

Starting from October 1, 2013, Hitachi's power semiconductor business, which is patronized by many of our customers, will form its own new company, merging with Hitachi Haramachi Electronics Co., Ltd., who has been in charge of the manufacturing sector, and begin to conduct business under the name "Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device, Ltd."
We would like to play more extraordinary roles in the field of power devices in the future and meet the needs of our customers worldwide for energy-efficient usage.

Sales, planning and manufacturing, that were divided before, have become unified in the new company. We will strive to do our best ever than before by providing top-quality products and services and bring satisfaction to our loyal customers who have been using our products, as well as our potential new customers.

Yamazaki, Tatsuo, CEO

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