Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device, Ltd.

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  Hitachi, Ltd. Power Semiconductor Dept. Hitachi Haramachi Electronics Co., Ltd.
1957 Production of Power Diodes started at Hitachi works  
1972 Established Haramachi branch factory  
1973   Established Hitachi Haramachi Electronics Co., Ltd. Launch the business of Ceramic Packages.
1974   Established Haramachi Factory
1980 Rinkai factory launched  
1993 Established additional manufacturing building at Rinkai Factory  
1995   Established Haramachi Factory 2
1999   Launch the business of MEMS Foundry Service.
2011   Established Yamanashi Factory.
2012 Established additional designing factory at Rinkai factory  
2013 Established Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device ,Ltd.