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Features of Hitachi High Voltage ICs

Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device offers intelligent power devices and high voltage analog switch ICs integrating high voltage output devices and control circuits on a single chip/single package using dielectric isolation technology.

  • High voltage ICs are suitable for household apparatus fields such as home electric appliances and beauty appliances.
  • These ICs can be easily used for various purposes, and market-leading companies in air conditioner fan motors have adopted them.
    We have continued to improve performance and quality of the ICs since sales start in 1994 and have more than 20 years of sales results.
  • Application example : BLDC fan motors of air conditioners, air purifiers, hair dryers, etc.

Status List


Feb. 22, 2024

Product information of Single-chip Inverter IC for Motor Drive was updated.New

Status List was updated.New

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