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Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device <High Voltage IGBT / SiC>

Hitachi High Voltage IGBTs have been corresponding to a wide range of applications such as railway applications and various power conveters, leading companies for domestic and overseas adopt them, since they were adopted as a railway application in 1992.

Will continue to contribute to the developing energy society by pursuing more easy-to-use, high-performance and high -quality products with leading-edge research and development.


Trench Trench Gate
Low VCE(sat)
LiPT Low Injection Punch Through
Low switching loss
sLiPt Soft Low Injection Punch Through
Low noise, lower spike voltage
HiGT High Conductivity IGBT
Low VCE(sat)

Type Numbering System

Hitachi IGBT/Type Numbering System

Status List


May. 11, 2023

Product information of nHPD2, SiC, 1700V, 3300V, 4500V, 6500V was updated.New

Status list was updated.New

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IRIS Certificate

  • Certificate-Register-No: YKA4004414/IRIS
  • Certificate valid from: 27/01/2013 LRQA
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